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NCANA Committees 2021-2022

AANA Foundation                                            

Directors - Cliff Gonzales and Ida Goodnight

Education & Research                                            

Chair - Lisa Mileto

Committee Members: Linda Stone, Ian Hewer, Deb Flaherty, Becky Cranfield, SRNA

Federal Political Director                                            

Chair - Ian Hewer      

Government Relations                                            

Chair - Kimberly Gordon

Committee Members: Stephen Michaux-Smith, Jim Reed, Jessica Szydlowski-Pittman, Kasey Morgan, Ryan Holton, Elena Meadows, Ken Thompson, Bill Wade

Public Relations                                            

NCANA Staff   


Co-Chairs - Emilee Smith Barr and Emily Funk
Committee members:  Bill Cobb (Advisor), Linda Esrkine-Bauer, Kasey Gragg, Shirley Sopko   SRNA representative: Ali Cosgrove 

Political Action                                            

Chair - Bob Whitehurst Committee Members:  Paul Packard, Devin Miller, Kate Vanderford, Ron DeAtley, Kelly McPherson and Jamie Golob. Student Rep: Paige Newman


Chair - Bob Matthews 


Chair - Bob Matthews   

Committee Member - Marcia Guine 


Chair - Christine Kress
Committee Member: Gena Burnett, Stacy Yancey, Megan Conner, Elizabeth Tresohlavy and Steve Michaux-Smith


Chair - Cathy Briggs


Board Nominated Member - Ken Thompson
District 1 - Kimberly T. Soden                         
District 2 - Lynn Tran Harris
District 3 - Sekina Showers
District 4 - Sarah M. McNeil (Chair of Committee) 

Peer Assistance & Wellness                                            

State Director - Linda Stone

State Reimbursement Specialist                                             

Bob Matthews