AANA Foundation

Established in 1981, the AANA Foundation is a charitable organization devoted to anesthesia research, education and development. The Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. The Foundation funds scholarships, doctoral fellowships, post-doctoral fellowships, research grants, general poster sessions, oral "State of the Science" poster sessions and doctoral mentorships. Rita L. LeBlanc Philanthropist of the Year, Advocate of the Year and Researcher of the Year Awards are presented annually by the AANA Foundation. The Competence in Aging recognition award is presented every other year in odd-numbered years.

Mission Statement
Advancing the science of anesthesia through education and research.

Vision Statement
The AANA Foundation serves as the leading resource for assuring safe anesthesia care through education and research.

Core Values
Knowledge, integrity, excellence and stewardship.

The Foundation provides financial support to CRNAs and SRNAs through a variety of initiatives and events in addition to offering workshops attended by hundreds of individuals. Over the course of its 30-year history, the Foundation has awarded more than $2.2 million to 2,275 individuals as detailed below.

739 scholarships totaling more than $1 million to support nurse anesthesia
131 fellowships totaling $650,000 to assist CRNA students pursuing their PhD and DNP degrees
173 research grants to CRNAs totaling more than $531,000
39 student research grants totaling $31,000
31 student research grants totaling $23,000
1,193 poster presentations at AANA annual meetings totaling more than $50,000