How to become a COVID-19 Volunteer Vaccinator and other Opportunities for NCANA Members to Help



Happy Tuesday to each of you. As we begin to see our family members, friends, and colleagues receive vaccinations to protect them against COVID-19, many of you are offering to serve your communities as volunteer vaccinators. THANK YOU for your generous spirit!

In collaboration with the North Carolina Nurses Association (NCNA), I want to share with you important highlights from the special COVID-19 issue of Inside NCNA. This resource provides links to information on mass vaccination events occurring in specific NC counties and how you can get involved locally as a volunteer vaccinator. If you are interested in becoming a “Vaccination Champion” as part of a joint public education effort of the NCNA and NCDHHS, you can learn more here. Other valuable up-to-date resources concerning the COVID-19 pandemic can be perused here. A special thank you to the NCNA for working with the NCANA in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic!  

We know that many of you are already volunteering in the vaccination clinics at your local hospitals/places of employment, so in honor of National CRNA Week, January 24-30, please send a photo of you as a vaccinator or receiving the vaccine yourself to [email protected] and we will post them on the NCANA website and social media.

Again, thank you for all you do! 


Gena Lee Burnett, MSN, CRNA