Board of Directors

The NCANA Board of Directors consists of 9 active members (CRNAs) including 5 NCANA officers (president, president elect, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer) and 4 district directors. The officers comprise the NCANA Executive Committee.

The Board of Directors also includes 2 student registered nurse anesthetists (SRNAs). These associate members serve as non-voting student representatives and are appointed by the Board on a rotating basis.

Learn more about the Board of Directors and Executive Committee in the NCANA Bylaws.

President: Elena N. Meadows, DNP, CRNA  

Immediate Past President: Sherry Bernardo, DNP, CRNA 

President- Elect: Megan Conner, PhD, CRNA 

Vice President: Bill Cobb, CRNA 

Treasurer: Robert Matthews, PhD, CRNA 

Secretary: Kendra Hetrick, CRNA

District 1 Director: Kasey Morgan, MS, CRNA 

District 2 Director: Caroline Killmon, MS, CRNA 

District 3 Director: Aimee Finnie, CRNA  

District 4 Director: Ian Hewer, PhD, CRNA 

Student Representative: Breanna Love, SRNA
Program: ECU

Student Representative: Anna Taylor, SRNA
Program: Charlotte 




Student Representative:
Ali Papi, SRNA
Program: UNCG


AANA Foundation

Education & Research
Chair: Zachary Smith
Committee Members: Deb Flaherty, Ian Hewer, Sandra Pena, Derrick Glymph, Cassie Dozer, Stacey Schlesinger, Luci New, Renee Levine
Student members (LEAD Scholarship)- Rachel Civale (Duke University) & Corrine Hauck (Wake Forest University) 

Federal Political Directors
Co-Chair: Jessica Szydlowski-Pitman and Stephanie Brogdon

Government Relations
Chair: Stacy Yancey
Committee Members: 
Tiffany Lin, Jessica Szydlowski, Kasey Morgan, Forrest Dunnahoo, Elena Meadows, Bill Wade, Johanna Newman 

Public Relations

Co-Chairs - Chris Simmons and Kendra Hetrick
Committee Member: Kasey Morgan

Political Action 
Committee Members: Bob Whitehurst, Kimberly Gordon, Alex Munsey

Chair - Bob Matthews

Chair - Bob Matthews

Chair - Bob Matthews

Chair - Cathy Briggs 

Board Nominated Member - 
District 1 - Julie Pearson
District 2 - Krystal Privette
District 3 - Jessica Metzler
District 4 - Robert Dickinson

Peer Assistance & Wellness
State Directors - Linda Stone and Luci New
Committee Members: Becky Cranford, Bowen Griffith, Sarah Browning, Emily Funk, Nicholas Glover, Bernadette Johnson, Thomas Winn

State Reimbursement Specialist
Bob Matthews

LEAD Scholarship Director
Deb Flaherty