Board of Directors

The NCANA Board of Directors consists of 9 active members (CRNAs) including 5 NCANA officers (president, president elect, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer) and 4 district directors. The officers comprise the NCANA Executive Committee.

The Board of Directors also includes 3 student registered nurse anesthetists (SRNAs). These associate members serve as non-voting student representatives and are appointed by the Board on a rotating basis.

Learn more about the Board of Directors and Executive Committee in the NCANA Bylaws.

President: Elena N. Meadows, DNP, CRNA  

Immediate Past President: Sherry Bernardo, DNP, CRNA 

President- Elect: Megan Conner, PhD, CRNA 

Vice President: Bill Cobb, CRNA 

Treasurer: Robert Matthews, PhD, CRNA 

Secretary: Kendra Hetrick, CRNA

District 1 Director: Kasey Morgan, MS, CRNA 

District 2 Director: Stacey L. Schlesinger, DNP, MBA, CRNA

District 3 Director: Aimee Finnie, CRNA  

District 4 Director: Ian Hewer, PhD, CRNA 

Student Representative: Breanna Love, SRNA
Program: ECU

Student Representative: Anna Taylor, SRNA
Program: Charlotte 




Student Representative:
Ali Papi, SRNA
Program: UNCG


Committee Descriptions

AANA Foundation

Education & Research
Chair: Zachary Smith
Committee Members: Deb Flaherty, Ian Hewer, Sandra Pena, Derrick Glymph, Cassie Dozer, Stacey Schlesinger, Luci New, Renee Levine
Student members (LEAD Scholarship)- Rachel Civale (Duke University) & Corrine Hauck (Wake Forest University) 

Federal Political Directors
Co-Chair: Jessica Szydlowski-Pitman and Stephanie Brogdon

Government Relations
Chair: Linda Stone
Committee Members: 
Tiffany Lin, Jessica Szydlowski, Kasey Morgan, Forrest Dunnahoo, Elena Meadows, Bill Wade, Johanna Newman 

Public Relations
Chair: Melissa Machan
Committee Members: Chrissy Kress, Kate Jones, Ali Papi

Co-Chairs - Chris Simmons and Kendra Hetrick
Committee Member: Kasey Morgan

Political Action 
Committee Members: Bob Whitehurst, Kimberly Gordon, Alex Munsey

Co-Chairs: Tatum Mealing, Heath Lambert
Committee Members: Kris Privette, Alex Prescott, Wakiya Berry, Sharzaud Karimi, Mumta Chambers, Mollie Meyers, Madsion Olson, Chrissy Kress, Kelly Ternes, Emily Sprenger

Chair - Bob Matthews

Chair - Bob Matthews

Chair - Bob Matthews

Chair - Cathy Briggs 

Board Nominated Member - Linda Erskine-Bauer
District 1 - Julie Pearson
District 2 - Krystal Privette
District 3 - Jessica Metzler
District 4 - Robert Dickinson

Peer Assistance & Wellness
State Directors - Linda Stone and Luci New
Committee Members: Becky Cranford, Bowen Griffith, Sarah Browning, Nicholas Glover, Thomas Winn

State Reimbursement Specialist
Bob Matthews

LEAD Scholarship Director
Deb Flaherty

Want to get involved?
If you want to get involved and join an NCANA committee, please reach out to the NCANA office ([email protected]).